Autonics Vision Sensors VG Series VG-M04R-8E (A1655000004)

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500.00 Grams



This product has effective focal length of 8mm and minimum sensing distance of about 50mm. It has a power supply of 24 and very adequate current consumption. This product is approved from many international standards. This product is suitable for many uses and encapsulates some marvelous and high-end features.

This product provides a great deal for usage and contains very adequate environment ambient temperature and is very safe to use. It also offers great protection structure making it very feasible and trouble free to use. It also contains some unbeatable characteristics which surpasses it from being an average.

Some Features of this are given as und

  • This product has effective focal length.
  • This product also contains adequate sensing distance.
  • This product compromise of very protective structure.
  • It is having very adequate current consumption.


Brand Information

Autonics is one of the giant names in dealing with sensors and controllers. Autonics is offering more than 5000 products for fulfilling the engineering needs. They are responsible for the development of thousands of automation products which are marketed worldwide. They include various sensors, controllers, motion devices, measuring equipment, laser marking systems and others.

Autonics is one of the trademarks for quality and better performance when it comes to quality and better performance. There is a huge line of sensors associated with this company which includes Built-in amplifier sensors, Ultra-compact type, Compact type, Built-in power supply sensors, U-shaped sensors, Photomicro sensors, Cylindrical sensors, level sensors, Color mark sensors, Door sensors, Door-side sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors.

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Effective focal length:
Min operating distance:
Supply voltage:
24 V post current @ (=) ± 10%
Current consumption:
1 A
Monitored parameters:
Alignment, brightness, contrast, area, edge, length, angle, diameter, number of objects
Working groups:
Control points:
Camera frame rate:
Max. 60 frames / sec
Light filter:
Pre-treatment, external filter (color filter, polarizing filter)
Image sensor:
1/3 inch monochrome CMOS sensor
752 × 480 pixels
Image capture:
Max. 60 frames / sec
Frame shutter
Exposure time:
Backlight method:
Backlight color:
Launch mode:
External start, internal start, independent start
Input signal:
Rated input voltage 24V DC ± 10%
Input type:
External trigger input (TRIG), encoder input (IN2, IN3), workgroup change (IN0-IN3)
Output signal:
NPN / PNP open collector output, max. 24V DC 50mA, residual voltage: max. 1.2V DC
Output type:
Control output (OUT0-OUT3): end of control, result of control, start of external illumination, alarm, camera busy
FTP Transfer:
Is possible
Ethernet (TCP / IP), 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T
Electrical protection:
Output circuit protection against short circuit and over current
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