ST672 HDS Infrared Thermometer

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  • ST672 HDS Infrared Thermometer (ST672)
  • ST672 HDS Infrared Thermometer (ST672)
  • ST672 HDS Infrared Thermometer (ST672)
  • ST672 HDS Infrared Thermometer (ST672)


Product Name:
HDS Infrared Thermometer
With good experiences in Research and Design, new IR Thermometer Series-HID (stands for High Distance to Spot)posses most user-friendly housing and functions to meet consumer's needs. The overall design is a perfect combination of aerodynamic barrell ergonomic handling, large LCD and colorful control panel , which of those provide a comfer maneuver. Plus , the double-injected rubber protector enhanced the durability itself.

Models ST670, ST672, ST675 and ST677 are Gun-Type infrared thermometers, which are extended from the past experiences of Hight Performance series. The prices are much attractive , but the quality and technologies we learned from the past were not sacrificed to compensate the costs. This means Sentry likes to provide revolutionary and easy-to-use instruments for customers based on our mature and well-developed infrared technology from the past till now.
  • Rugged & Ergonomic design.
  • High DS ratio.
  • Backlit dual display LCD.
  • New series for general purposes.
  • Ultra low power consumption in shutdown mode.
  • Extended long time measuring reliability.
  • Laser sighting on/off is switchable.
  • oC or oF selectable.
  • Electronic trigger lock.
  • Temperature data storage.
  • Audible alarms.
Specifications ST670 ST672 ST675 ST677
Distance/Spot Ratio 30:1 30:1 50:1 50:1
Temperature Range -32~ 760oC(-25.6~ 1400oF) -32~ 1300oC(-25.6~2372oF) -32~ 1650oC(-25.6~3002oF)
Accuracy (Assumes Operation Ambient Temperature of 25oC/77oF)
±3oC(±5oF) -32~ -20oC(-25.6~ -4oF)
±2oC(±3oF) -20~ 100oC(-4~ 212oF)
Above 100 oC(212oF):±2%
Thermopile 8~14μm
Repeatability ±1oC(±2oF)
Resolution 0.1oC(0.1oF) 0.1oC or 0.1oF(Above 2000oF:1oF)
Response Time 500ms
Operation Temp 0~50oC(32~122oF),10~90%RH
Auto Power Off Automatically after approx. 6sec
Emissivity Adjustable 0.1~1.0
oC/oF Switchable YES
Backlight YES
Laser Sight Switchable YES
Max/Min/Avg./ΔT YES
Auto-measuring YES
10 Point Memory YES
Audio Alarm YES
Dual Display YES
Tripod Mount YES
Dimensions 200×166×50.5 mm
Safety Approval:
  • Far distance temperature monitor.
  • Electrical troubleshooting.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Manufacturing processes of semiconductor technology.
  • Test terminals on circuits.
  • Perform HVAC energy audits.

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