HOGLLER Pressure Transmitter High Pressure ( HOD Series ) HODH4000FMCK

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  • Pressure Sensor Hogller Germany
  • Pressure Sensor Hogller Germany
  • Pressure Sensor Hogller Germany
  • Pressure Sensor Hogller Germany


HODH4000FMCK from Hogller is a high pressure, pressure transmitter. The HOD Series is a high quality all stainless steel Pressure Transmitter, this is intended to measure gases and liquids compatible with stainless steel. The HOD Series is suitable for Automotive, Industrial Hydraulics, Refrigeration, Off-road Construction, and Agricultural Applications. With additional EMI/RFI protection, low static and thermal errors and high resistance to shock and vibration as standard, the HOD Series assures trouble free operation at temperatures up to 125°C. The HOD Series has piezo-resistive sensing element coupled with the latest ASIC circuitry, assures excellent accuracy, choice of high level Outputs and long stability, protected within a rugged, stainless steel housing. The HOD Series high strength stainless steel construction contains no silicone oil and no internal O-rings. Measurements are available in gauge and absolute pressure, with ranges up to 4,000bar.

HODH4000FMCK from Hogller comes with the following features:

  • These sensors have a Flush mount stainless steel design.
  • They can withstand the pressure of up to 4000 Bar. range.
  • Designed to give high precision Output (<0.25% F.S.).
  • With a large variety, this product range offers a wide choice of Output signals.

Brand Information

Hogller is a German brand that is best known for producing Pressure Transmitters with the highest quality, which can be used in most of the Industrial Applications. Hogller products are affordable, durable and are made from robust stainless steel which is specially used for measuring gases and liquids. Hogller Pressure Transmitters are one of the best in the market which are mainly used to measure pressure in Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems, Testing Equipment, Controlling Pressure and Booster Pumps and measuring Liquid Levels.

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty.
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Additional Information

0~4000 Bar.
2 wired, 4 - 20mA.
10 - 32 VDC.
IP 66, optional IP69K.
Response time:
(10..90%) <1ms.
Pressure cycles:
> 10 million.
Reverse voltage protection:
Housing incl. Wetted parts:
304 stainless-steel.
Measuring medium temperature:
Ambiance temperature:
Storage temperature:
Operating temperature:
Compensated range temperature:
100 G, 11 msec., 1/2 Sine.
25 G peak, 20 to 2000 Hz.
Connection type:
Pressure unit:
Gauge pressure.
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