High Pressure Proximity Sensor M12, PNP NO - DW-AS-503-P12

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150.00 Grams



Contrinex High Pressure inductive sensors are suitable for continuous duty at pressures up to 500 bar (1,000 bar peak pressure), ensuring reliable, accurate sensing in the most demanding pneumatic and hydraulic applications. High-pressure sensors detect the smallest parts and are ideal for piston-control applications where space is at a premium. These types of inductive sensors are special series from Contrinex which are resistible in a pressure of 100 bars and under the water up to 1,000 meters depth these inductive sensors are coming in different sizes from 3mm diameter up to 8mm diameter.

DW-AS-503-P12 is a high pressure proximity sensor with housing size M12, housing material stainless-steel V4A V2A (DIN 1.4305 / AISI 303), and operating distance of 1.5mm. Mounting type is embeddable with PNP polarity (normally open output) and IO link interface. Connection is M12, 4-Pin, max switching frequency of 600 Hz and operational pressure of ≤500 bars max.

With DW-AD-503-P5, Contrinex assures the following features:

  • Resistant upto 500 bar (peak ≤1000 bars).
  • Exceptionally long life and large temperature range.
  • Ceramic sensing face.
  • Long operating distance.
  • Gas tight, IP68.
  • IO-Link v1.1.


Brand Information

Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of sensors for factory automation with a unique and innovative range of products whose features far surpass those of standard sensors. Contrinex has grown as a multinational group with over 500 employees worldwide. More than 13 subsidiaries cover the core markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Represented as a technology-leading manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors as well as safety and RFID systems and world market leader for miniature sensors, sensors with long operating distances and devices for particularly demanding operating conditions (all-metal, high-pressure and high-temperature resistant sensors).

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Rated operational Distance:
≤3% St≤Hyst≤15% St
Standard Target:
10x10x1mm, FE360
Assured operating distance (Sn):
≤(0.81 xSn)mm (-0.25…+70◦C)
Repeat accuracy:
<0.1 mm
Temperature drift:
≤10% (-25…+70◦C). ≤15% (70…100◦C)
Indicator LED , yellow:
Indicator LED, yellow, blinking.:
MTTF (@40◦C):
Supply voltage range UB:
Residual ripple:
≤20% UB
Output current:
Output voltage drop:
≤2V DC
No-load power consumption:
Residual current:
Switching frequency:
Short circuit protection:
Voltage reversal protection:
Cable length max:
Operating pressure:
Peak pressure:
Vacuum down to:
10-8 Tor
Housing material:
Stainless Steel DIN 1.4305 / AISI 303
Sensing face material:
Max-tightening torque:
40 Nm
Ambient operational temp.:
Enclosure rating:
IP 68
Weight (cable/connector):
Shock and vibration:
IEC 60947-5-2 / 7.4
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