Flush Diaphragm ( HOF Series )

Flush Diaphragm ( HOF Series )

The HOF Range of Pressure sensors guarantee a wide application field in a high accuracy, rugged and compact design.

The stainless steel membrane is completely vacuum-sealed, extremely burst resistant and applicable for all standard media across hydraulics, pneumatics, environmental engineering, process technology, semiconductor technology and automotive engineering.

As part of the stringent manufacturing process, all HOF Pressure transducers are individually pressure and temperature tested to conform to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

With compensation and adjustment performed electronically, these pressure transmitters are characterized by a very low total error and excellent long-term stability.

With the precision of modern electronics, the measured data is captured and processed very accurately. The pressure transducers may be user programmed with a handheld device or a PC programming kit.

The measuring range and the zero point can be set up through the digital interface. and with permanent magnets, the adjustment of the zero point can easily and securely be adjusted at any time.