Voltmeter - to measure the voltage between two points in a circuit

The voltmeter is used as an auxiliary device in electric tools. A voltmeter is a measuring device used to measure the voltage or potential difference between two points in a circuit.

Voltmeters are used in two types of circuits: circuits with alternating currents and circuits with direct currents. An oscilloscope is used to observe the electrical signal, and a voltmeter is used to measure the voltage.

There are two types of voltmeters, analog and digital. Their performance is exact and placed in a parallel circuit, but they are different in structure. They are also produced and used in different shapes and sizes. Notice that a DC voltmeter can measure direct voltage in an electric circuit, and an AC voltmeter can measure alternating voltage. In addition to measuring direct DC voltage, some voltmeters can measure AC sinusoidal voltage. All multimeters are also capable of measuring voltage.

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  • HVP-40M Analog High Voltage Meter
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    TECPEL Electricals and Electronics Testing Voltage Meter HVP-40M


    HPV-40M from Tecpel is a high voltage test probe.It can easily connect to any digital multimeter with industry-standard jacks to measure up to 40K VDC or peak AC or 28KV RMS AC. HPV-40M from Tecpel comes with the following properties: DC 40KV CAT...
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