Electrical Safety Tester- to ensure electrical products and installations are safe

Electrical safety testing is necessary to ensure electrical products and installations are safe. Various technical bodies have developed electrical safety standards to prevent damage to electrical appliances. Every country has its electrical safety standards, compiled with electrical safety tests. Electrical products and installations must pass electrical safety tests to meet these standards.

Evaluating a product for electrical safety usually includes the following tests: High voltage test, Leakage current test, Insulation resistance test, and Ground continuity test. The Electrical Safety Tester tests current leakage, earth connection resistance, high voltage, and short circuit test and calculates nominal parameters, including voltage, current, real power, and power factor.

We offer a unique collection of leading brands of Electrical Safety testers. In addition, our experts are ready to provide you with technical consultation and inform you about an electrical Safety Tester price. Contact us: +9714337738


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  • PHS-863 Phase Sequence Tester (PHS-863) PHS-863 Phase Sequence Tester (PHS-863)
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    PHS-863 Phase Sequence Tester


        Phase Sequence Indicator Two functions in one unit includng open phase and phase sequence. Large size alligator clips : able to clip on switch-board terminals easily. Identify 3 phase sequence and open phase check Applications:...
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