BS5 Series

Groove-Depth 9mm Photomicro Sensors

•   Compact Size

•   Cable Type

•   Connector Type

•   High Speed Response

•   Protection Window

•   High Durability


The Photomicro Sensors for Industrial automation.

The BS5 series photomicro sensors are available in 8 different shapes (K, T, V, L, Y, F, R, TA types), offering maximum flexibility for various user applications and installation settings. The sensors are designed to minimize errors occurring from foreign substances. The sensors offer high visibility with operation indicators viewable from multiple directions.

Main Features

  • Various shapes available for installation flexibility (K, T, V, L, Y, F, R, TA types)
  • Minimize detection errors and improved visibility
    • Sensing side and body level has been improved to minimize detection errors occurring from foreign substances
    • Added operation indicators viewable from multiple directions
  • Indicator ON when light received and indicator ON when light blocked models available
  • High shock and vibration resistance
    • shock: 15,000 m/s² (approx. 1,500G), vibration: 10 to 2,000 Hz (1.5 amplitude)
  • Switch between Light ON and Dark ON modes using control terminal/wire
  • High-speed response frequency: 2kHz

Various Shapes Available Offering Installation Flexibility

8 different shape models are available for installation in diverse applications.

Indicator ON when Light Received and Indicator ON when Light Blocked Models Available

Indicator ON when light received and indicator ON when light blocked models are available depending on user needs or applications.

Operation Indicator on Multiple Directions

The operation indicators are viewable from multiple directions allowing users to identify operation status in various environment settings.

High Resistance to Shock and Vibration

The sensors offer vibration resistance up to 2,000 Hz and shock resistance up to 1,500, which allows for installation in harsh environments.

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