What Is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering is deemed as a wide ranging profession that drives all of its focus on the optimization of different kind of processes or systems by the reduction of different source of wastefulness which is involved in the production. Industrial engineering places its focus on people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy and different kind of resources and also takes in account mathematical physical and social science apprehensions. Industrial engineering look down upon different kinds of Principle and techniques associated with engineering designs and performs the forecasting, specification, and analysis of the results which are calculated from these systems or processes.

Going into the deeper aspects of industrial engineering can be regarded as one of the oldest branches of Engineering which are taught in different kinds of engineering schools and it is required to have a professional engineering license. If you want to practice industrial engineering you can contact different kinds of schools and they will give you a whole outlook on how you would be able to pursue a career in industrial engineering and then make a decision if you really want to have a profession made out of industrial engineering.

Industrial Engineering Degree Requirements

If you want to work as an industrial engineer or you want to take benefit from this degree in your professional practice, the entry-level qualification you will be needed is a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering. However, there are many industrial engineers working in the field who have different degrees in fields that are related to industrial engineerings like mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering technology or general engineering.

There are many universities around the world that provide degrees in the field and usually offer advance degrees like Masters and doctoral level programs. Talking specifically about the United States in 2012 the most top-ranked US program went to Georgia Institute of Technology and it was Georgia Institute of Technology who was able to hold this ranking for about 22 consecutive years. The second one went to the program held at the University of Michigan and the third one went to the University Of California for many of the years.

industrial engineering degree requirements indicate that, the students who are interested in studying industrial engineering must take High School courses and Technical subjects like mathematics, computer science, chemistry, and Physics. They must also drive their focus on different courses of mathematics like algebra trigonometry and calculus.

Talking especially about the bachelor's degree program, the bachelor degree program holds lectures in classrooms and also allows students to engage in laboratory work. Some of the main courses for industrial engineering are statistics, production, system planning, manufacturing system design and many others.

There are many colleges and universities that are offering cooperative education programs in which the students become able to acquire professional practice and gain experience while they are still studying and completing their education. Talking in a general manner, there are different colleges and Universities which offer professional degree programs with respect to industrial engineering and it leads to a bachelor's and master degree when the degree is completed. There are many colleges and universities that offer similar programs in the department of mechanical engineering. If you have a graduate degree it would allow you to work as a Professor at a college or university so you can indulge yourself in research and development. There are some 5 year and 6-year Cooperative education plans offered by universities, which allow you to do the practical work while you are still studying. They do this so that the students are able to get experience and also provide financial support to their families to finance their education.

Skill Sets Required To Become Industrial Engineers

Just having a degree in industrial engineering is not enough. As importantly as industrial engineering courses required. You also need to have the following skill set in order to have a successful career in industrial engineering.

Industrial Engineering Requires Innovation

Industrial engineers are innovative because it is their duty to design new production processes in different aspects so that they are able to reduce wastefulness and also help in the optimized use of time, labor while they are rooting for the accomplishment of a goal.

Industrial Engineering Requires Rational Thinking

Industrial engineers think in a rational way because they have a responsibility upon their shoulders for designing new systems so that they are able to solve different kinds of problems highly associated with waste and efficiency. In order to solve these problems, they need to have logical and rational thinking. They must be able to identify a different kind of weaknesses and flaws that lie within the current system and come up with different kind of solutions, conclusions, and approaches in order to solve these kinds of problems.

Industrial Engineering Requires Ability To Work Within A Team

Usually, industrial engineers are required to operate in a team and they are also required to engage with customers vendors and production staffs so that they are able to gain their point of you and then act accordingly. They must have good listening skills so that they are able to listen to customers and clients and have a discussion about the concerns associated with them and also listen to their subordinates and working staff to solve their issues and problems.

Industrial Engineering Requires Expertise In Mathematics

Industrial engineers are also required to have good mathematical knowledge because they will be required to use principles of Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry and another kind of advanced topics in mathematics so that they are able to design a new system, analyze the current problems and do the troubleshooting at their working place.

Industrial Engineering Requires Good Problem Solving Skills

There are many problems which arise while you are working and especially if I talk about when there are designing and creation involved for different facilities for manufacturing. Industrial engineers have to undergo different kinds of issues at once. They need to look down upon the worker’s safety, the quality of the product, the hassle-free delivery of the services and products and many others.

Industrial Engineering Requires Good Communication Skills

Industrial engineers are also required to explain different kinds of processes to their production staff and their subordinates before any kind of written instructions are made available. they need to have good communication skills so that they are able to effectively transport their ideas from themselves to the workers. They must be able to explain different kinds of complex concepts clearly so that mistakes can be prevented and there won't be any loss of time.

Industrial Engineering Requires Professional Documentation Skills

Sometimes it is a requirement for industrial engineers that they must have exceptional documentation skills because they are required sometimes to prepare different kinds of documents for other engineers and scientists. Sometimes these documents are to be used for the future. The documentation must be well-formatted and coherent and through their writing, they must be able to express their thoughts properly so the other person who is able to read this information will directly get the point of you without any troubles.

Industrial Engineering Courses

Industrial engineering courses include some of the foundational courses which are related to industrial engineering and as other engineering programs the main ground of industrial engineering also depends on Math and Science courses. Some of the instances of those courses include Chemistry, Physics, mechanics, material science, computer science, electronics circuits, and engineering design. Along with the basic mathematical courses, some of the advanced mathematics courses like calculus, differential equation, statistics are also required. These kinds of courses prepare students for the upcoming engineering licensure exams.

industrial engineering courses required are systems theory design and analysis, economic safety stock optimization, Advanced Mathematics, computation, modeling, engineering economics some of the Other subjects which are studied by the industrial engineering students are management, finance, strategy and another source of business dominant course. They also study Social Sciences courses like psychology, public policy.

There are many business schools that offer different kinds of programs that intersect with industrial engineering but especially the engineering programs are supposed to be more quantitative more intense when it comes to basic science and mathematics. The bachelor's degree program of industrial engineering includes lectures in the classroom and the practice in the laboratory.

Talking about the postgraduate level one of the common degrees is the masters of Science or Masters of Science and Engineering. talking with respect to industrial engineering courses that are involved at postgraduate level drive their focus on operations research and optimization techniques, engineering economics, supply chain management, and logistics, facilities and work-space design, quality engineering, reliability engineering, human factors engineering and ergonomics, robotics, productivity improvement, operations management, time and motion studies, computer-aided manufacturing, and others.

If you are an entry-level engineer, then you wouldn’t be required some Licensure. A Professional Engineering (PE) license can be acquired later in your career so that you are able to go on higher levels of leadership.

10th Aug 2020 Sadia Naseer

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