Timers And Counters

What Is A Timer?

Timer is considered as a special type of clock which has its uses for the measurement of time intervals. Timer which counts from 0 and goes upward for the measurement of the time that is elapsed in between is termed as a stopwatch. A timer is considered as a device which starts counting from a specific time interval and also have its usage for the generation of a time delay for example an hourglass is also a timer.

What Is A Counter?

A counter is considered as a device which keeps a track on and also displays the number of time any kind of event or process has happened in accordance with the clock signal. Counter also have its uses for counting the event which happen outside the microcontroller. Talking specifically about electronics the counter can be implemented it in an easy manner with the use of Register type circuits such as a flip flop. There are many companies offering timers and counters like autonics counter timer and arduino time counter for the industrial and home use.

Different Types Of Timers

Now a days timers offer a great value. Timers can help you to save your money on the electric bill and they can also make sure that whenever the sunset the light gets turned on/ you can make use of the electrical timer for doing programming of your lightings. One thing to note is that the electrical timers are not just for the light you can also use it on your tub, pools, Christmas and for lighting switches. Timers are considered as a multipurpose and very easy way to have a control of lighting in your house or your work space and circuits. Timers add a great value for the increase in convenience, safety and home security. You can also make use of the timers for saving energy and for giving the appearance that anybody is home. You can also use it to turn off the hot tub or the savannah if you fall asleep.

There are usually two main types of the light timers which are mechanical and electronic they have their availability as hardware and lug-in modules. There are also other two timers which are astronomic and photocell which are mentioned below.

Analogue Timers

The first kind of timers are the mechanical timers which could be both manual and analogue. The manual analogue timers have very similar setting and they can be easily configured. It is like setting a watch or making use of the time nob on a toaster oven. It has a spring loaded mechanical design which helps in keeping track of the time. There are some analogue manual timers which have the option to configure as many of the on and off period required within a period of 24 hours. There are other kind of timers which put restriction on the operating time for the maximum of 60 minutes. The mechanical design of the mechanical timer guarantees that there will be a complete cutoff of the circuit once the specified time has been reached by the timer.

A mechanical timer have a lot to offer like they offer durability, reliability and convenience as the mechanical timer designs are quite simple and possess strength. They have their usage for lights, ceiling fans, appliances, bathroom heat lamps, saunas, hot tubs, and pools.

Digital Timers

The other kind of timers are called digital timers. Digital timers are smart and Programmable and they permit you for configuring the switch to turn on and off at different times. Some of the digital timers are quite similar to the mechanical timers because of the fact that they can have multiple on and off cycles in a period of 24 hours. But digital timers also give you the option to schedule them for more than one day. Just like a Programmable thermostat through the digital timer you have the option configure a seven days schedule with the exact on and off time. There is also availability of a smart digital timers in the market which permit the use of a smart phone as a remote control device to configure timers and to shut light on and off and many others.

These smart digital timers can be program or integrated with Alexa or Google home for the voice control you can buy a light timer online or at your local home improvement store for only $30. These digital timers are very easy to be set up and serve more purposes then just shutting off and on the light.You can use them to program your lights and TV while you are away on the vacation.

Astronomic Timers

The Other kinds of timers are called astronomic timers and they are a form of digital timers but these astronomical timers come in with built-in programming which performs a calculation of the sun rise and set timings which make it really good for the precise night time illumination. Astronomic timers have the ability to do the adjustment for the sunrise and sunset times of the day without containing and being integrated with separate photocell device. Many of the models of the economic timers have availability in the market and the come with a remote control.


Along with the astronomic timers we also have photocell models which differentiate day from night by the use of light gathering sensors. But, you need to consider that photocell timers will not be able to work properly if there is many ambient light present in the neighborhood.

Usage Of Timers

Usually the timers are used in both in industries and our homes. In our everyday use we make use of the simpler version of timers on clocks watches and phone. But if I talk about the industry and other kinds of commercial sectors very complex types of timers are used as there are complex processes going on in the industries. These kind pf timers hold very significance for a lot of reasons. They are pretty easy to handle, they possess functionalities to be used both in homes and industries, and many others.

The digital timers have a very high commercial and industrial sector usage one of the digital timer that we have come across and very familiar with is the one in a microwave oven. Timers have so much usage when we want to keep track of the time while we are performing some other task during the production and sometime later it performs a calculation of the cost and other aspects.

Like I have mentioned above timers have different features and different kind of forms but it can be said that most of the models of timers are portable and pretty handy. the timers usually run on battery so you are able to use them for large time span without causing any potential damage, as the internal and external mechanism associated with the timers are quite simple it becomes really easy to handle them there are many companies which manufacture different kinds of digital timers. Digital timers have made a lot of task very easier to complete. They have their uses in both homes and industries.

Talking about a digital systems counter is considered as one of the most logical and sophisticated devices. It acts like a memory which have its uses for counting. One of the main concept behind the counter is that it performs exploitation of digital technology in terms of counting the occurrence of an event and then showing the result.

Along with that this device is also very important for everyone in their daily lives. Counter helps a person to save its money by saving the electricity bill. Counter is also used by the real estate agents so that they are able to perform measurements of interior dimensions. They also have their uses for saving time and money. People use counters for telling number purposes counters are also used in the retail shops where the counter is used for keeping a track on how many customers are going and coming inside of the shop.

The importance and application of both timers and counters are widely spread in every work field and also in our daily lives as the output is shown on the digital screen it makes it very convenient for doing a variety of the things.

Also the timers and counters are quite economical which make them very easy to operate and also they can be used for different kind of purposes. You can make use of the timer and counter when you are struggling with time management and you are unable to find out how much time will it take to perform a certain job once you have started it.

Autonics counter timer and Arduino time counter are available in the market. 

8th Aug 2020 Syed Furqan Ali

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