A Brief Intro To Autonics Sensor

Before, I go on and tell you about different kinds of autonics sensor, let us first consider what sensors are,

As we live in an analogue world and have digital means of communication. In this world we are controlling mechanical objects with the help of the electrical signals. This is all due to the sensors and some other devices like transducer. They help us in the conversion of data or information from one of the two other general.

Sensors and transducers have their uses along with the measurement systems. Sensors can be considered as a device which produces signals which relates to the quantity that is being measured.

We can also say it in this way that, sensor is a device or an equipment which makes sure the provision of a usable output in response to a specified quantity which is measured the sensors.

the word sensor have its original meaning which means to perceive if I talk about sensors in a more simple manner, it can be stated as a device which performs the direction of changes and events in a physical stimulus and then make sure the provision of a corresponding output signal which has the ability to be measured or recorded. The output signal which is generated by the sensor is usually a measurable and most of the times is an electrical quantity.

Sensors are considered as devices which have the ability for the performance of an input function in a system as they perform sensing of the changes in a quantity. One of the best examples of a sensor is a Mercury thermometer and the quantity which is measured by the thermometer is either heat or temperature. The temperature is transformed into a readable value presented on a calibrated glass tube. All of this presentation of a double value depends upon the expansion and contraction of the liquid Mercury which is present inside it.

Autonics sensors also consists of a wide variety which includes proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensors and pressure sensors for the maximum user efficiency. For your convenience I am writing down some short description of these sensors which are provided by the autonics. These sensors are also present on autonics sensor catalogue,

Area Sensors

The area sensors are usually very convenient general purpose. Area sensors have their usage for the detection of passing objects in a specified area.

Proximity Sensors

Now come the proximity sensors are usually common reliable and durable solution and they are used in the application where there is a requirement of non-contact detection. A proximity sensor works in a way that it generates an electronic electromagnetic field or a beam of electromagnetic radiation and then it analyze signal which is returned and look for different kind of changes that have been made in the signals.

Photoelectric Sensors

The photoelectric sensors have their application in the detection of distance, absence or the presence of object. The photoelectric sensors make use of a light transmitter and receiver. The light transmitter is usually infrared the photoelectric sensors have very wide usage in the industrial manufacturing basically they are classified into three. first one is post through beam second one is retro-reflective and proximity sensing

Vision Sensors

The vision sensors are also provided by the autonics and the vision sensors make use of the images which are captured by camera in order for the determination of the presence orientation of facts. These sensors have their differences from the image inspection system and in these seniors the camera light and controlled are encapsulated together which really leads to the convenient operation of the sensors. There are also differences which exist between the sensors and other kind of general purpose sensors. One can be taken as, the multi point inspection can be carried out with division single sensor. As the vision sensor provide great field of view, they are able to detect even when there is no consistency in the target position

There are also Door to Door side sensors which are dedicated photo electric sensors and they have their uses in automatic door management systems. They have a sleek and simple designs and come with reliable sensing performance. Door sensors also contain different kind of function and feature which includes adjustable time switch, detection angle adjustment and adjustable reduction area function. They come with built in microprocessor and make sure the provision of the optimal processing performance for stability.

Fiber Optic Sensor

Fiber optic sensor are also produced by autonics and fiber optic sensor is a kind of sensors which makes use of The Optical Fiber. The fibers have different kind of uses in Remote Sensing which highly depends upon the application. Fiber can be used because it has a small size or because it doesn't require an electrical power. Fiber optic sensors do not get impacted by the electromagnetic interference and also they do not conduct electricity which gives an advantage of using them in High Voltage electricity of flammable material like jet fuse.

Autonics Pressure Sensor And Its Work In Automation Industry?

The autonics pressure sensor is a device which has an understanding of the pressure and then transforms the amount in electrical signal which depends upon the pressure to which it is applied. There are two types of pressure sensors one is rotating part for pressure sensor and vacuum sensor which have a very wide used in Industrial Automation. Some of the widely used applications of autonics pressure sensor in in automation industry are given as under,

  1. The autonics pressure sensors have the it usage for the measurement of the pressure which goes below the atmospheric pressure in any given position
  2. The other application is that they are used for Meteorological instrumentation, aircraft vehicle and all the other kinds of machine that require pressure function
  3. In automation system the pressure sensors have also their usage for the measurement of other kinds of variables like fluid, gas flow, speed water level and the altitude.

Now let's talk about the some types of the pressure sensor

Rotating Part For Pressure Sensor

The first one is the rotating part for pressure sensor. This type of pressure sensor is the high pressure Industrial Automation sensor which has a very wide used in industries and Hydraulic systems they also have its uses in the climate control system.

Vacuum Sensor

The second kind of pressure sensor is a vacuum sensor and the vacuum sensor has its usage when the vacuum pressure is less than the atmospheric pressure and it is too difficult to do the detection by the use of the mechanical methods.

To find out more, you can look at Autonics sensor catalogue for having a better understanding.

18th Aug 2020 Sadia Naseer

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