Miniature photoelectric sensor detects fill level


During secondary packaging of bags of confectionery, manufacturers arrange bags in overlapping layers. Multi-axis pick-and-place packing robots align and pack layers of bags in preformed cardboard cartons. The filled cartons are conveyed to case-sealing stations. A highly reliable photoelectric sensor, mounted directly above the conveyor, senses the height of the top layer of bags in each carton before sealing and rejects insufficiently filled cartons

Customer Values

  • Reliable, repeatable in-line quality checks on a non-contact basis
  • Improved quality arising from real-time detection of incorrectly packed cartons
  • Increased productivity as stability alarm flags preventative-maintenance needs
  • Single sensor accommodates a range of carton sizes without repositioning
  • Remote adjustment via IO-Link reduces changeover time between products

Specific Product Advantages

  • Maximum sensing range of 300mm with pinpoint red LED
  • Best-in-class background-suppression black/white behavior
  • IO-Link connectivity available at
  • Dual output with stability alarm
22nd Nov 2018

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