Information About Xylotex Stepper Motor Specs

The Xylotex company manufacturers small stepper motors and motor controllers for robotics and automated machinery. These motors are adaptable to a variety of applications, including automated milling machines, automated assembly line robots and many other robotic systems. Xylotex also has complete kits, which include the motors, the controllers and associated cabling, and provides information about all its products.  

  1. Power Requirements

    • The power requirements of the motors are 24 volts DC. The amperage varies from 2.5, 3.5 or 5 amps, depending on the windings. The power supply/drive controller that Xylotex offers is matched to the motors, ensuring that all the power requirements are met.

    Color Coding

    • The motors have four field windings. For the first winding, called "A," the colors are red and yellow. For the second winding, called "B," the colors are white and orange. The third winding, "C," has blue and black for the colors. The fourth winding, called "D," uses brown and grey. Field windings are coils in the motor case, and are what make the armature, or central shaft mechanism, spin. Each coil has two terminals. You hook up the power supply to the color-coded terminals, and the program from your computer drives the controller, which in turn applies electricity to the windings.

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    Step Data and Torque

    • Each step or "notch" is 1.8 degrees of shaft rotation. This means for every control pulse of electricity, the shaft will rotate 1.8 degrees. The torque output of the motors is either 269 ounce-inch, or 425 ounce-inch for the heavy duty motors. The power supply can handle the power requirements of either style of motor.

    Program Requirements

    • Xylotex states that proper programming is essential to drive the motors. You either have to use TurboCNC running in a DOS program, or use Mach2 to drive the CNC machinery. CNC stands for "Computerized Numerical Control." This is a type of control system that directs a machine about how to move to cut the workpiece. You use the parallel port to connect the computer to the power supply/drive controller.

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20th Jan 2015

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