Information About Warning Light

  Warning Light is an ambient/drone recording project primarily featuring multi instrumentalist Drew Haddon. The band has existed in various forms since 2003. Warning Light was originally just a catch all name used by Haddon to label all the various home recording projects he pursued while playing live with Atlanta experimental/noise rock band Suitcases. But after several years of open ended experimentation, the Warning Light sound began to center more on atmosphere and noise. In the mid 2000s, Haddon ran the DIY noise label Sleepaway Recordings, which would release a variety of tapes and CDrs by Warning Light and Suitcases. After several years of work in those projects, Haddon also briefly played in the psychedelic synth outfit Tree Creature and minimal synth outfit High Marks. During this time, Warning Light recorded nearly a dozen cassettes, CDrs and digital releases. In 2007, Stickfigure Records put out the album Eternity Drones, then followed by releasing the Further On album[1][2] in early 2010. Haddon then played with Atlanta dance band Roman Photos, and currently plays synthesizer in the electronic indie act Kolossi. 2011 saw the release of his next full length album, Wild Silver, on Stickfigure Records as well, with a corresponding series of music videos  

20th Jan 2015

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