Information About temperature datalogger

temperature datalogger

temperature datalogger is an effective solution for reporting temperature alerts and temperature logging in remote places or in vehicles. Temperature sensor in stainless-steel housing is connected with a 3m silicon cable and measures temperatures from ‑30°C to +125°C.

  • When the temperature leaves a defined safe range, Tg11 rings a preset number and sends a warning SMS.
  • Temperature readings are logged every 15 minutes. The entire log is e-mailed over GPRS every 4 hours.
  • Tg11 cooperates with the SensDesk web portal. Past values and alert responses are archived on a central server. Connection to the SensDesk portal is available as a subscription-based service.
  • The status of Tg11 can be verified by ringing its number or sending a SMS. The device replies with a status SMS


Food industry Tg11 temp logger will help you with HACCP compliance. No special software is needed to generate HACCP protocols from Tg11. It is a simple solution for temperature monitoring in any establishment, from restaurants to large enterprise canteens. Medical Tg11 temp loger is an effective solution for temperature monitoring. Tg11 can be used as a stand-alone solution, or integrated into an existing monitoring and alerting system. Tg11 is supported by the supplied software, which can be connected with our Poseidon or Damocles line of remote monitoring products. Vehicles Tg11 GSM thermometer communicates over GSM and can be used as a mobile storage temperature monitoring solution (e.g. for foodstuffs). Thanks to GSM roaming, it can be easily used in international transport as well. IT & ICT Tg11 is a stand-alone solution to remotely monitor the temperature in the environment of your technology. The Tg11 is easy to install. After connecting the Tg11, all you need to do is wait for SMS and e-mails. No complex monitoring application is needed. 

20th Jan 2015

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