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Solar sensor

The Vision solar sensor has a trained eye for solar cells.

The solar industry is booming – solar cells have now become industrial mass-produced products. This involves a continuously increasing cost pressure – a sound, process-concurrent quality control of sensitive silicon wafers is therefore a must.

Plug and Play

Use of the Vision solar sensor is simple and uncomplicated in comparison with a conventional image processing solution. The relevant functions for wafer and cell inspection, from the detection of the size and shape of the wafer to the location of defects and the setting of processing speed and inspection accuracy, are already pre-configured so that the sensor is ready for operation in just a few mouse clicks. It is fast, costs little and functions perfectly. Sunny times are ahead! Essential features in view: The Vision solar sensor operates precisely and reliably even in fast cycle processes. Inspection criteria can be quickly and easily defined with the aid of the straightforward operating software. Reliable detection of defects: The Vision solar sensor can detect minimal contour defects (2 x 2 pixels). Evaluation of subpixels enables a further increase in inspection accuracy. 

20th Jan 2015

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