Information About Reverse Sensing System

A reverse sensing system is a vehicle safety device which is automatically engaged when the reverse gear is activated in a car or commercial vehicle. These safety devices are known as reverse, backup or parking sensors.

  1. Equipment

    • A reverse sensing system includes sensors, controllers, speakers and/or visual display. The number of sensors placed on the rear bumper of the vehicle increase the coverage of the system not the accuracy, according to Vista Reverse Sensing System.


    • The sensor on the rear of the vehicle sends out ultrasonic waves up to four times per second. When these waves hit an object they bounce back toward the reversing vehicle and sound a visual or audible alarm. As the vehicle reverses closer to the object the alarm warnings increase in frequency.


    • In general, small cars require the installation of only two reverse sensing system sensors, while medium sized cars require between three and four sensors. Commercial vehicles should be equipped with six or more sensors, according to Vista Reverse Sensing System.

20th Jan 2015

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