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A noise-level meter, also known as a sound-level meter, is a device that measures and reports the pressure level of noise. Typically, the meter uses a microphone to pick up sound and convert it to a readable electronic signal.  

  1. Classes

    • noise-level meters are available in two different classes: class 1 meters are typically used for research and industrial applications and are able to measure a wider frequency range compared with lower-cost class 2 meters.

    Indicating Device

    • The indicating device is generally calibrated to output sound-level readings in decibels (dB), which are logarithmic units of sound intensity.

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    Domestic Uses

    • Noise-level meters are often used by consumers to measure noise levels coming from neighboring properties. They can also be used to equalize stereo systems.

    Industrial Uses

    • These meters are often used to measure aircraft noise, in conducting noise pollution studies, or to gauge machine-made industrial noise.

    Fun Fact

    • Although a noise level greater than 70 dB is considered unsafe for human ears, noise-level meters regularly capture levels of 110 dB at live music performances, states

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20th Jan 2015

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