Information About Digital Camcorder Optical Sensor

Digital camcorders include optical sensors (CCDs) in order to convert light into electronic data. The type and size of the optical sensor on your camera will affect the quality and size of your video images.

  1. Function

    • Images on your camcorder are collected in the form of light rays. Optical sensors detect the types, colors and strength of those light rays and translate them into data that your camcorder interprets as digital images.


    • The primary types of digital sensors are chemical sensors, which use fiber-optic technology to examine the florescence of light entering the camera, and temperature sensors, which measure the intensity of light in terms of temperatures that correspond to colors.


    • When purchasing a digital camcorder, size (usually measured in inches) is the moist important consideration when it comes to optical sensors. The larger the optical sensor, the more light the sensor 
20th Jan 2015

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