Information About Data Logging Tools

Information About Data Logging Tools

A data logger is usually a software program that will keep track of performance data for everything from vehicles to your Windows programs. It will provide you with information like speed, efficiency, memory usage and statistics. Most of these programs require a fee to use, but some are free and use open source technology. Open source means that you may use and manipulate the program without ever having to pay a licensing fee.  

  1. Dynolicious

    • This tool works in conjunction with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and it allows you to test the performance of your automobile. You simply need to download the software to your mobile device and plug the device into the device cradle, which plugs into your car. Dynolicious will provide you with information on the vehicle's acceleration, speed, braking power and horsepower. You can also download the results graphs on timed runs and skidpad, an area where you can test the handling of the car. Dynolicious will also show you the average speed and performance of your car. It will provide real-time results on the vehicle's performance, and real time means that the information will be output as the tests are performed. You can download this app from the Apple App Store.


    • The RRDtool Version 1.4 is an open source software program that allows you to log time series data and view it graphically. A time series is a group of data points which are measured at certain time periods. Information is output in graphical forms, which you can save or print. This tool helps you to write applications in the following languages: Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) bindings and TCL (Tool Command Language). Or you can use the RRDtool to create and analyze custom shell scripts, which is script for an operating system's command line interpreter (a program that analyzes text). This tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems.

    Page File Data Logger

    • The Page File Data Logger tool works with the Windows XP, 2000 and NT 4.0, but you must also have Excel 2000 or 2002. This tool allows you to see how large a page file is in comparison to how much space Windows has reserved for that file. This tool combines information from the Windows Management Instrumentation Win32_PageFileUsage application, Visual Basic Script (VBScript) and the Windows Script Host to compile this information. The Page File Data Logger will output the page file usage information into an Excel CSV (comma separated values) file, and it will generate a bar graph based on the information within the CSV file.

20th Jan 2015

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