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Calibration Kits

Sensing Systems designs, manufactures and calibrates standard and custom calibration kits. These Kits are used to calibrate load cells, force sensors and torque sensors to NIST traceable standards. Several industries such as pharmaceutical and nuclear must continuously calibrate their measuring equipment to comply with government regulations. Some companies prefer to have calibration capabilities in-house when their calibration requirements become extensive. Calibration Kits allow these companies to keep traceability current on one unit by recalibrating the standard on a consistent basis. In addition to Calibration Kits, Sensing Systems offer a full range of Calibration Services. Sensing Systems Calibration Kits meet all of these requirements by including calibration standards, loading fixtures, procedures and NIST traceability documentation. Adherence to regulations and Quality Control (QC) requirements are assured through traceable measurements. Faulty and/or out of spec equipment can be identified, repaired or replaced as necessary.   Our Calibration Kits are selected based on measurement type and maximum calibration load. The measurement type is either Force or Torque. Maximum calibration loads for force applications range from ounces to 3 million lbs and from 1 to 30,000 lb.ft for torque applications.

calibration Kits for Load and Force Applications

Kits to calibrate load cells or force sensors fall into two categories. Depending on the highest calibration load, either load cell or calibrated weight kits are used. Load cell based kits are used for applications exceeding 100 lbs. Calibration weight based systems are used for applications where the maximum calibration load is 100 lbs or less. More items… Can you submit more information?

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20th Jan 2015

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