Information About Autonics digital remote I/O - ARD Series

Autonics digital remote I/O - ARD Series Autonics digital remote I/O - ARD Series, one of the most cost effective & advanced solutions for DeviceNet based industrial networking tools, supports excellent expansibility and perfect compatibility that covers 4 types of communication; in addition, the series includes various functions - auto communication speed identification, network voltage monitoring and status Flag monitoring functions. It also provides the most effective networking solutions by reducing maintenance cost and working time with simple wiring, high reliability and superior noise resistance. Major Features

  • Max. 64 points I/O control available (16 points / unit x 4)
  • Supporting various I/O units & easy maintenance and real-time monitoring possible with;
  • Auto communication speed recognition : automatically identified communication speed when connecting to master unit
  • Network voltage monitoring : Max / Min current network voltage check / monitoring network voltage setting possible

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20th Jan 2015

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