So many requirements from the customer have drastically increased customization, more expectation, and the complexity and sophistication of the product. Which has encouraged manufacturers to come up with more innovative and revolutionary ways and find more improved supply chain operations and transform their manual business to a digitized one to satisfy the customer Desire and improve the productivity of the organization?

if I talk about out Internet Of Things which is associated with Industries it is termed as Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT) and it has made sure of the provision of a way to transform manufacturing and provide it with a digital shape. the use of the industrial internet of things provides a network of sensors that has the duty of the collection of critical data and by the use of cloud software it has the capability of transforming those data into valuable insights which directly increases the efficiency of the manufacturing operation.

Usage Of IOT Sensors For Manufacturing

Through the use of the internet of things, people who are associated with manufacturing and industries in every sector are encountering a vital opportunity at their doorsteps where they are able to monitor and automate many sophisticated and complicated processes that are involved in manufacturing. Although there are still many systems presents which have the capability of keeping the track of the progress in the plant but through the use of the industrial internet of things it provides more concrete details to the people who are present on the managerial level so they can take timely measures for the improvement of the overall productivity of the organization. It helps them to directly contribute to the more revenue generation.

Keeps Manufacturers Alert About The Working Condition Of Machinery

Combining the use of IoT sensors with the manufacturing devices, it helps to generate the condition-based maintenance alerts. When we are talking about the manufacturing processes there is a number of critical equipment involved that are produced in a way that they can only work at a certain temperature and vibration ranges. Sensors can let a machine send an alert when a device supersedes from its prescribed parameters that have been set, while the machine was being developed. If the manufacturers are able to ensure the prescribed working environment for the equipment’s they can conserve energy and reduce the cost of production. They can also make sure the elimination of machine downtime and make a raise on operational efficiency.

Easy Transmission Of Information Between The Manufacturers And The Field Engineers

The use of the IoT sensors industry can easily make the transmission of information between the manufacturers and the field engineers. It also allows the operation managers and factory managers to automatically control the factory units by taking advantage of the process automation and Optimization. It helps for the establishment of a better line of commands and helps in the identification of key result areas for the managers. it also allows the managers to provide direct commands to their subordinates and keep the workers and managers close to each other.

Gives A Complete Upper Hand On The Monitoring Process

The use of IoT has more uses then we can think of. It lets us monitor a production line right from the use of raw materials to the finishing of the final products. It gives us a complete Upper Hand on the monitoring process and allows us to make real-time adjustments in operation to better manage the operational cost. along with the close monitoring also identify the defect and legs that are occurring during the production which eliminates the wastage and necessary work in progress inventory.

It Directly Increases The Safety And Security Of The Workers

As there is a big data analysis involved in the internet of things. it directly increases the safety and security of the workers who are working in the plant. It lets you keep a close watch on the key performance indicators of health and safety like the number of entries, accident rates near misses short and long term absences, vehicle accidents, property damage, or loss that occurs during the daily operation. With the use of effective monitoring, it guarantees better safety and if there are any potential threats that might happen it can be dealt with properly. It also helps in timely resolving any health safety and environment issues.

It Helps In Handling Of Product From Multiple Aspects

Through the use of IoT sensors for manufacturing, it provides data to the manufacturers for utilizing patterns and handling of the product from multiple aspects. It allows customer adjustment, a smart tracking mechanism through which we can create product customization without having the impact of weather and the environmental variables on the product. It allows us to package for goods more efficiently so that the above mention factors won’t produce much of an effect and it will also help in the better performance in both customer experience and will also reduce the cost of packaging.

It Helps The Manufacturers Tackle The Quality Control Issues

IoT sensors have the capability of collecting product data and also the third-party syndicated data during the various stages of the production. This data includes many of the information like the composition of raw material, source temperature, and working environment, the impact of transportation, and many others. It also provides useful insights about the customer sentiments on using the product. All of these above-mentioned factors can help us tackle the quality control issues and make us work on them which increases the overall User experience and eliminates the chances of any defects during the production which creates a good organizational environment and ultimately leads the more increase in revenue.

It Helps In The Acquisition Of Valid Data And Time

IoT driven equipment has different kinds of sensors like temperature, vibration, voltage-current at Cetera. This allows a manufacturer for obtaining or acquiring vital maintenance information regarding equipment. This kind of information allows the manufacturers to have an insight into the current working condition of the machinery. It also helps them with the determination of any warning signs and the transmission of alerts and takes action and timely measures. It also allows them to activate corresponding repairing processes. In this way, the internet of things really makes the maintenance fast-paced automated practice which has the capability of predicting a failure a long time before it happens. It also allows cost savings on traditional preventive measures like taking actions only when they are necessary and needed. While with the internet of Technology the scenario is all altered. It allows us to take measures long before the accidents happen which results in so many benefits along with that it also helps in the acquisition of valid data and time. It also helps the manager in detecting plant machinery that needs to be fixed. Along with that it also helps the maintenance operations to keep the whole system online while working is still performing the task. The use of IoT in manufacturing prolong equipment lifetime and hold so much contribution to the safety of plant and eliminates the risks of accidents which affect the environment negatively. Talking more practically the use of IoT sensors in your organization enables you to have a predictive maintenance capability.

Sensors Working Principle

The automation has to create its impact earlier than we could have thought of there are so many things we use now are already waiting to be automated but before we need to automate devices there is a subtle need to know about the sensors. Sensors are equipment or devices that are helpful in making things done without having human supervision. if I talk about the mobiles or a smartphone which we use on a daily basis have so many sensors incorporated on them like hall sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, touchscreen, microphone, etc. the sensors have the capability of acting as eyes, ears, the nose of any electrical equipment which works in a way that it senses the parameters which are present on the and then passing on that information to relative devices or microcontroller.

An answer published on quora states about sensors working principle that,

A sensor is a transducer…for example if it is a variable resistor that varies it's resistance with incident light…then that light-sensitive resistor is a transducer, hence can be called as a sensor…so when light falls on it and varies the resistance of it varies…this particular device is an LDR or light-dependent resistor…also present other transducer like thermistor (changes resistance with heat. Hence can be used to make thermometer), photodiode (light-sensitive device), vibration sensor(consist of a coil that responds to vibration), touch sensor( changes resistance with pressure. Hence can be used to make weight machine), hall sensor (output voltage changes with magnetic field), etc…different sensors have different working principle….so these are used generally with comparator to make the sensors compatible with a microcontroller…you first read about op-amp comparator…you will see that a large number of sensors are used with these comparator to give a proper logic output which we can use with microcontroller or other logic devices.

Number Of IoT Devices In Manufacturing Uses

Although it is not possible to find out how many numbers of IoT devices is in manufacturing uses the reports have said that there are 17 Billion active devices with respect to IoT.

24th Jul 2020 Syed Furqan Ali

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