How Industrial Engineer Can Improve Production Of Industry

How Industrial Engineer Can Improve Production Of Industry

What Is Meant By Production?

Production is defined as a Process which makes sure encapsulation of different material inputs and immaterial inputs. And different kind of resources to make something which can be consumed. It is all about the creation of an output or product or a service which wholesomely adds value and contributes to the benefits of individuals. There is an area in Economics that is purely dedicated to the production and its effects and is termed as production theory. And is quite similar in meaning and aspects with the consumption and Consumers theory in economics. A productivity manager is all about increase in productivity.

Well beings of Economics is created by production process It includes all of the economic activities which hold a direct relation for the satisfaction of human. There wanting and their needing. Aspects which are included in economics, Two is directly related to the increase of the production They are the improvement of quality price ratio of products and services Anmol affected market production or Total production which results in the overall increase in GDP.

Increase In Production Definition

If I Talk about the increase in productivity, It is considered as one of the major targets for many Business owners as the increase productivity is the judgement factor for success, it will help them to bring more revenue and add more money into their business To fully Understand the concept of increase productivity you will have to go a bit deeper.

Let’s Look Into Increase In Production Definition

Increase productivity simply means that all of your employees are putting up their hundred percent. And they are completing product and services much earlier and at faster rate than before. in most of the businesses there is a theory attached that the more products the workers are able to produce and more services they are able to give, the more money comes into the business And it turns out to be that, increase in production is one of the most highest priority for many business owners.

Processes Involved In A producing Company

If I talk about a production company. There are many processes that are involved in different way. But five are considered as the primary processes And each one of them come with their own logic, objectives, theory and features. The main processes of Production Company are given as under. It is duty of Productivity Manager too look after how production can be increases.

Real Process

The first process involved is called real process where process develop the production output from input and It is usually demonstrated by the means of production function. Where process combines series of events in production in which different and various kinds of inputs of different quality and quantity are combined together to produce a product. A product can be a physical good or an immaterial service and could be a combination of both. The concept behind the real process is the meaning of quantitative structure of production. it was introduced by the Finnish Management Accounting in 1960. Then it has become an integral part in the Finnish Management Accounting theory.

Income Distribution Process

Now comes the income distribution process. income distribution process direct to a series of events in which prices of constant quality products are changed which results in the change in income distribution. The amount of change in income is highly related with the change in prices output and inputs and their quantities.

Production Process

After it comes production process production process is a combination of air forces income distribution process. The criteria of success is define by the profit and the profitability of a production is a part of real process that the owner has been able to keep himself in the income distribution process. Some of the factors that define the production process profitability are returns and cost. And they are totally different from the factors of the real process.

Monetary Process And Market Value Process

Monetary process is about the events that relate with the financing the business and the market value process Is about the series of events in which there is a determination made by the investors about the market value of the company in the investments market.

How To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

Productivity in a workplace plays a very vital role in making a business successful. If the employees are productive it is going to help the organization utilize their resources to their full capacity. Productivity also depends upon the health and happiness of the employee. Some of business also drive their focus on making their employees healthy and happy.

It really doesn't matter how much hours an employee work in a day. But what really matters is that how much productive an employee is in those hours. Successful organization really do not depend on the productivity on the number of hours their employees spend working but they rather focus on how productive the employees are on those working hours. Following are some factors about how to increase productivity in the workplace.

Approach Each Employee With Different Attitude

Every employee has its unique nature and unique style of approaching two different kind of situations if one employee is able to understand one think perfectly the other one might not You need to approach each employee with different attitude with respect to their nature and strive for the creation of a happy and healthy environment for both employee or company. It will be good in both favor of company and the employee and will help the organization to achieve their goals much faster.

Tell Them Exactly What You Want

You do not need to give your employees journal orders. You need to tell them exactly what you want them to do and you need to designate specific task to specific individuals. It is also your duty to make them understand that they will be held accountable for the duties that are been assigned to them.

Provide Clear Instructions

You also need to make sure that your employees understand that they are going to be held responsible for all tasks they are doing and the decision they are making. It will encourage your employees to put on some extra effort and they will provide more attention. And will do their task with more dedication. Along with this if they get a feeling that they are responsible for what they are doing, they will try to own the work which is handed to them and they will try to complete it as best they can.

Motivate Your Employees Each And Every Day

You need to motivate your employees each and every day it is a great source of productivity in the workplace. The employees who lack motivation will tend to get easily bored. Especially those employees who have to work the same thing each and every day. There is also one problem with the unmotivated employees and it is that that they do not find any joy in finishing any task which is being handed over to them. You need to make the task enjoyable and need to make sure of different strategies like boost rewards, life powers, top players, ranking, obstacles, and level up point system or anything. That gives them enough motivation for achieving something and they feel immense pleasure and joy by the achieving of the goals.

You also need to make sure. That they consider the tasks as a challenge. Because if they will do so it will help them to achieve that goals more efficiently and they are going to put their hundred percent into it.

You Need To Follow Up On Each Task

When employees know that they are working to achieve something that is much bigger than themselves. It really helps them out to carry out the tasks diligently that is one of the reasons why companies clearly define a mission, vision, goal and core values. To provide a proper guidance to each and every employee working in the company. You need to follow up on the each task that is provided to the employees. You need to ask for the status and how much they have gone through with the task. This is the way where you can guarantee that everything is being carried out in the perfect ways and you will also be able to find out the progress and the productivity which has given by the employee I will also be able to find out about their work. As they will be telling you the status of the work you will also be able to give them feedback in this way. They will feel acknowledged and they will not consider their working is mediocre. With the help of the valuable information provided by you will help them to do the task in much better way.

Do Not Set Unrealistic Hopes

One of the mistakes that organization do is that they set unrealistic employees they start to interest with their employees in the micromanaging and there's where the calamity falls in. You also need to avoid to take an upper hand on everything. You need to encourage your employees so they can work with their own styles. And work out a task in the way, they are most comfortable with. Everyone has different sense of thinking and working and achieving the desired course everyone uses their own set of methods for what they think will be good for better result. You need to trust your employees to do the good job. Remember you hired them in the first place for the potentials you saw in them. You need to trust your employees A bit more and not come across as a burden on them. You need to entrust them to work independently in this way you will be able to benefit the company even more.

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