An hour meter is termed as one of those simple devices, different design engineers and maintenance technicians think about a lot as the hour meter possesses the ability for the provision of most inexpensive source of equipment availability insurance which manufacturer has to offer with their product. Let us first get acknowledged about, what is an hour meter?

What Is An Hour Meter?

An hour meter can be considered as a gauge or instrument that has the ability for tracking and recording the elapsed time usually it is shown in hours and tenths of hours. Some of the majority of the hour meters that are available in the market are used to track down running time of equipment so that they can ensure proper maintenance of different kinds of expensive machines and Systems. all these kinds of maintenance includes replacing replacement, change checking parts, belts, filters, oil, lubrication or running condition in engines, motors, blowers, and fans, are some of the few to be named.

Hour meters come in both contexts. Both Digital hour meters and Analog Hour Meter are available in the market.

Most of the hour meters have their usage in off Highway equipment with different kind of engines and products which come with electric motors. However there are many medical devices and Recreation equipment drugs which record time. Many of the applications involve engines and Motors some of the common applications where an hour meter could serve a lot of benefit are going to be described later.

One of the main reasons for the uses of an hour meter is for the maintenance. If you are having dependence upon the running time of an engine in order for scheduling maintenance from the last service instead of the calendar days or the miles driven, there will be a less amount of guesswork and more correlation to the true operating life of the equipment. There are many reason for the tracking and recording of the elapsed time ready running and it can be categorized into following

For The Service Purpose

It is very necessary to perform regular and casual maintenance on different equipment like engine motors and other kinds of extensive instruments especially if your instrument or equipment is being operated in harsh conditions like off road excavation. You can imagine what kind of loss and how much it is going to cost you and you will end up losing your revenue if an excavator or a bulldozer that was being operated for a time sensitive project breaks down because routine maintenance wasn't accomplished when it was necessary. in order to track the running time for making sure that oil changes, belt changes, filter changes celebration changes and other kind of preventive maintenance task are done is very necessary for Keeping equipment running and different kind of jobs associated with it on its predefined schedule. Especially if any instrument or machine is being operated in Harsh environments or remote location or it is seeing a lot of punishment. It is your duty to have to look down upon the running time and perform service at different and regular intervals.

For The Warranty Purpose

There are many machines and equipment in the market that are not warranted by days or years since it was purchased but they are warranted by the running hours. Under warranty the equipment totally depends upon the number of elapsed time. It is very important to measure the machine used instead of how long ago the machine was produced

For The Resale Purpose

All kinds of industrial construction and agriculture equipment like bulldozers, cranes, trenchers, forklifts, graders, compactors, tractors, combines, harvesters, shredders are being sold on the basis of their age condition and used hours. For example a machine which is used for 500 hours is going to cost a lot more in comparison with the 2000 hours. If you have kept an accurate accounting of the elapsed time, is going to cause you a big difference in prices when you sell that equipment.

For The Rental Purpose

Rental agencies charge on the basis of the time elapsed in hours which equipment was running. Many rentals rent expensive materials like backhoes, skid-steers, log splitters, tree chippers, rug shampooers and other expensive tools. Through the use of hour meters you can keep a check on, what amount you will pay for the rent.

Some Applications Associated With Hour Meters

An hour meter will allow you to perform optimal maintenance and the main element for the optimal maintenance is having acknowledgements about when to perform at it. It is for sure that an hour meter isn’t supposed to perform the task for you but with the use of an hour meter you can have a record which will show the numbers of the running time.

Help You In The Better Maintaining Of Your Equipment

One of the main benefits of using an hour meter is that it is going to help you in the better maintenance of your equipment by the elimination of the guesswork. Any instrument or equipment that goes high maintenance performs really well. When the intervals are done at recommended times given by the manufacturer is generally supposed to last longer, run better and is going to cost a lot more than an equipment which is poorly maintained.

Keeps You Acknowledged About The running State Of Your Equipment

There are also other kinds of applications that are supposed to get benefit from the use of hour meter. Let us consider a motorhome which comes with the standby generator. The motorhome can have several thousand Miles on it and also be several years old which can depend upon the owner's habit. The generator which is used for the production of the electricity for lights and other kinds of air conditioning only undergo the use of a few hours per year and if you have acknowledgements about the age along with the running time, you are better able to predict the sales price and the maintenance required by the generator.

What Is An Engine Hour meter?

An engine hour meter is considered as a device that keeps track of the operating time of an engine machine and mechanism of the engine. The engine hour meter has its uses for controlling and monitoring and log the service life or an engine.

The main constituents of an engine are Meta indicators of the engine's operating conditions which is responsible for the recording of the data such as the speed of rotation of shafts along with the temperature associated with the exhaust gases, torque; a timer; and a recorder. An engine hour meter usually possesses a mechanical counter that has digital drums. Electric clocks some other kinds of semiconductor on magnetic devices which are driven by a constant frequency quartz other master have their uses as the timers for aircraft engines.

How Does An Engine Hour Meter Work

There is a question that often arises, which is how does an engine hour meter work?

An Engine Hour Meter can be termed as a counter. There are several wiring methods which can be used and basically we can say that they are a stopwatch that come with the control circuit some of the engine hour meters take their Ground from a changeover contact on an oil pressure switch associated with the main engine and then the positive supply from the instrumentation supply with the engine on. With an oil pressure positive it counts time and if there is ignition on but there is no oil pressure the clock stops

There is one common application for an engine hour meter which is aviation; as the airplanes require a very strict kind of maintenance which is highly based on the run time and the hour meter supports that need one of the oldest hour meter is the hob’s meter and is still available in the market today,

The hob’s meter is so common that sometimes the hour meters are referred to as hob’s meter.

One of the other applications of the hour meter is in the medium and large size boats. Just like the airplanes Marine engines also require regular maintenance in order to reduce premature wear and to avoid system failure usually the medium and large both contain two Motors but usually they run on the single motor so that they can save on fuel.

Digital And Analog Hour Meter

There is an availability of the both analogue and digital hour meters. Analogue hour meter have their functionality as a simplified watch and the analogue hour meters are very available and very easy to read analogue hour meters are usually made in brass so they can operate in extreme demanding operating environment. The digital hour meters are also available and they provide an alternative solution to the analogue hour meters for the cost saving purpose. The digital hour meters are sometime integrated with other information systems like a tachometer. Both of them have their uses according to their properties. It depends on you what needs you have. 

13th Aug 2020 Syed Furqan Ali

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