How An Automation Technologies Are Used in Manufacturing Industry?

How An Automation Technologies Are Used in Manufacturing Industry?

The Concept Behind Industrial Automation In Manufacturing?

One of the widest applications of automation technology is in manufacturing. The concept behind Industrial Automation in manufacturing is making use of intelligent machines at production sites and factories so the manufacturing process can be done without or minimum human support.

It also includes the application of different control systems in order to lead a pretty operating equipment to operate by themselves with almost no human intervention. Automation is very suitable for the tasks that need speed endurance and precision.

Methods For Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation can be done by several methods including mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and computers. More than two of these upper defined methods are used in combination to achieve Industrial Automation today. State of the art Industries or factories integrate all these technologies together to get the best.

Pros Of Manufacturing Automation

One of the biggest pros of manufacturing automation includes an easy operation process with the requirement of minimum energy, minimum material and reduced labor cost. All of the above mentioned factors drive improvements in quality, accuracy and precision. The only downfall of Industrial Automation in fact the high prices of the installation of the equipment.

Where Automation Stands Today In Manufacturing?

Today the self-operating machines which are also termed as industrial robots have high capabilities of computing and have very improvised vision systems and they tend to have higher levels of freedom.

However they are still limited in terms of the structure and environment and still need support of the humans to fully carry out the operation. However Industrial Automation is very necessary for the big Industries but still there are some modifications required to use them for small and medium industry.

Industrial Automation has the great ability to replace humans in long production runs and large manufacturers as there is a development made every day in the field of micro computer and software Technologies. Automation in manufacturing is dependent on the above mentioned fields in order to automate, optimize and integrate the various components which are included in the system of manufacturing.

Due to the factor that I have mentioned above, it creates dependence of industries on computer related Technologies therefore it is called computer integrated manufacturing.

History Of Industrial Automation

Talking about the history of industrial automation, the idea of a Programmable Logic controller was introduced in 1968 and since then it has become one of the innovating factors. Industrial automation has led the discovery of the collaborative robots, technological development and other necessary materials which are shaping the industry automation.

Latest Automation Technologies 2020

Some latest automation technologies 2020 that are associated with the manufacturing industry are mentioned below.

Internet Of Things

The Internet of things is one of the main driving factors of the connected factory and mandatory for the evaluation that is coming as industry 4.0. The internet of things combines sensor to associate industrial Technologies with each other and they have also resulted in decreasing the size and the cost of sensors. And as the technology is getting more advanced we are obtaining a range of smart devices which are capable of collecting information on sound, vibration temperature and much more.


With the use of advancements that have been made in the field of software have really helped the automation industry to reach its peak. The global Industrial Automation software market has resulted in the integration of software with design and Enterprise features which is improving the overall functionality. The use of application programming interfaces in the software area has made it easy to move a normal factory into the smart factory. There are different processes involved with the manufacturing requirements so application programming interfaces permit the developers to write codes directly addressing the operating environment.

Wearable Tech

In an automated setting, Wearable tech permits the collaboration between humans and robots. In an automated system, it is also the reason for improving health and safety. The wearable tech also includes elements and watches that contain sensor which are directly linked with supervisors and control centers consequently notifying employees of any hazards that might happen without getting them distracted from the job even if it can be modified to Augmented reality wearable tech as the innovation strikes in.

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