Honeywell Hour Meter For Industrial Machinery

Honeywell Hour Meter For Industrial Machinery

Understanding What An Hour Meter Is?

A very simple definition of hour meter is that, it is an instrument or equipment that helps us to track or record the time that has elapsed. The elapsed time is usually shown in hours and tenth of hours. The hour meters that are typically used are used to log running time of equipment which helps us to ensure and guarantee proper maintenance of the machine or systems that are expensive or require proper maintenance. The maintenance typically includes replacing, changing or checking parts, doing filters oil lubrication or running conditions in the engine, motors and fans.

Types Of Hour Meters

Hour meters are categorized by power display, shape and data. They can also be categorized or classified by the fact that they are either AC or DC power. Hour meters can also have their differences in terms of electromechanical displays on liquid crystal displays also termed as LCD displays.

One of the common things between the hour meters is that they are usually round or rectangular in shape. Hour meters also differ in a way that at one hand most of the hour meters communicate in hours or tenth of hours while on the other hand some are capable of showing the combination of data such as watts per hour .Some are meters that are DC power which are mostly used on battery operated equipment like tractor and airplanes. The AC power meters are mostly used on the equipment that log into a wall like rug shampooers, equipment powered by electric motors generators and compressors.

Hour meteors that usually come with electromechanical displays contain number wheels that rotate in order to show the running hours and tenths. These hour meters look very alike to the old-style analog car odometers. On the other hand, the hour meters that come with digital display make use of liquid crystal display. While LED can also be used in applications that are in doors for control lightning. The hour meters that come with LED displays can be less expensive but they are unable to work well when we talk about in the open, as the sunlight tends to fade the display.

Hour Meter Working Principle

Hour meter working principle is described in in following words,

“In this installation, an oil pressure switch (shown at center) senses when the engine is running, and sends an electrical impulse to the hour meter. Inside the meter, a solenoid (top) activates the mechanism that marks the time. The white dial on the right records each one-tenth of an hour; gearing automatically causes the hour, 10-hour, 100-hour, and 1,000-hour dials to advance at the proper intervals”.

How To Reset Honey Well Hour Meter?

In a guide, given by Honeywell itself, gives detail on how to reset honey well hour meter?

“To reset the Honeywell’s LM Series hour meter’s digits to zero,

Connect the “R” terminal to positive. This action should be applied for at least one second to avoid mis-operation.”

Honey Well Hour Meter 20000 Series

Honey well hour meter 20000 series is described as following on sensing honey well.

“From testing to leasing applications, maintenance and warranty programs, this accurate, reliable hour meter passes 100% function and timing accuracy tests before shipping. Featuring a polycarbonate, shock-resistant, tamper-proof case, the 20000 Series is completely sealed and offers custom logo dials, screw terminals, wire leads, or 1/4 in blade terminal options.”

4th Apr 2020 Faiza Syed

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