DTM-550 Temperature Humidity Meter

DTM-550 Temperature Humidity Meter

DTM-550 Temperature Humidity Meter

Today I will Introduce to one of our Measurement Product which is Thermo-Hygrometer Model: DLM-550 Made From TECPEL in Taiwan.

This model as we called it as Temperature & Humidity meter can also be called as Thermo-Hygrometer. This is a very Handy Unit and very user friendly to operate.This device has a single LCD Display and with Switch Button to select your desired measurement, you can switch from Temperature measurement model to Humidity Measurement.

It can be used widely in many applications particularly in HVAC Systems Application. It is present in everywhere from your Offices, in our houses, and in Warehouse, where there are needs of monitoring or controller the temperature and humidity.

This device is supplied along with pouch and batteries.

18th Feb 2018 Mr. Jemmy Future Sky Equipment LLC

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