Demo Kit

Demo Kit

Nadin Tech technical team designed a water tank level simulation Demo kit in which the water tank used are being controlled by Hogller Pressure Transmitters. This means that when the water reaches to a certain height of the tank according to the analog command (4 to 20 mA - 0 to 10 V) pressure transmitter sends to the controller device (SAMWON) Controller will turn on the water drain pump until the water level has not reach to the level which is assigned in the controller the pump will not stop until the water reaches a certain level the drain pump will this is a repeatable procedure , water temperature is measure with a PT100 temperature sensor and a Datexel transmitter which is giving command to the controller as well. According to the separate design which there is for measuring the
 the liquid level, the set point which is there on Riko amplifier so once the object is detected by the Fiber optic it will do the switching process.

5th Oct 2015 A. Hedayatnejad

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