DAT5021 Temperature Transmitter  DATEXEL

DAT5021 Temperature Transmitter DATEXEL

DAT5021 Temperature Transmitter DATEXEL

Today I will Introduce to one of our very useful and powerful instruments Isolated Signal Converter Model: DAT-5021 Made From DATEXEL in ITALY.

This device is also called Isolator, in the sense that its one function isolates one machine to the other. This serves as a safety device and added protection to avoid further damage from one machine to the other machine.

In addition, aside from being used as an Isolator, the very main function of this device is to convert analog signals into useful other analog signals also that is acceptable by your machines.One of the very great example is if you have a pressure transmitters with a 4-20mA Output and your machine only accepts 0-10VDC, then this device will be used to be connected in between to convert the 4-20mA signals into 0-10VDC.

In can covert many type of Industrial Analog Outputs such us 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, 1-5VDC and Many More. The IN and OUT signal values can be configured through its built in DIP Switches.

19th Feb 2018 Mr. Jemmy Future Sky Equipment LLC

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