Autonics Timers

Type of Autonics Timers

Autonics Analog and digital timers are widely used in various industrial processes to control timing of devices or monitor life cycles of devices

  • 1-Analog
  • 2-Digital

Autonics Analog Timers

ATN Series

Multi-Function Analog Timers

Autonics Analog Timer

The ATN series multi-function analog timers feature 6 output operation modes and 12 time setting ranges for application in diverse timing control tasks. The timers also feature a wide time setting range between 0.05 seconds to 100 hours. Simple time configuration and operation is possible with the analog dial control. The ATN series is available in 8-pin or 11-pin plug models.

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ATN Series Main features

6 output operations

16 time setting ranges

Wide time setting range : 0.05s to 100h

Simple time setting, time range, and output operation configuration with analog dial and switches

LED operation indicator and output indicator

Power supply

  • 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz, 24-240VDC (AC/DC universal type)
  • 24VAC 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC (AC/DC universal type)
  • 12VDC (DC type)

ATM Series

Miniature Analog Timers

Miniature Analog Timers

he ATM series miniature analog timers feature compact, space-saving design (W 21.5 x H 28 mm) with a simple 14-pin plug-in socket. The ATM series is available in 11 different time ranges (0.1 sec to 3 hr) and various power supply options. The timers feature 4PDT contacts, quick reset time of 100 ms, and repeat accuracy of ±0.5% for highly accurate timing control.

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ATM SeriesMain features

Ultra-compact, miniature size (W21.5×H28×L59.3mm)

4PDT contacts (250VAC, 3A)

Highly accurate timing control

Simple time setting with analog dial

Various time ranges : 0.1s to 3h (11 available options, by model)

Power ON Start

Power ON Delay

Power supply

  • ATM4-2 : 24VDC
  • ATM4-5 : 220VAC 50/60Hz
  • ATM4-6 : 110VAC 50/60Hz

Autonics Digital Timers

LE8N Series

Compact 8-Digit LCD Digital Timers (Indicator Only)

The LE8N series LCD timers feature an 8-digit display with backlight (backlight models). The compact size allows easy installation in tight spaces and the built-in lithium battery allows the units to operate without external power supplies. Various time setting ranges are supported and no-voltage input, voltage input, and AC/DC universal voltage models are available.

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LE8N Series Main Features

Compact size : DIN W48×H24×L54mm

LCD display with 8.7mm character size

Backlight models available

Various time setting ranges

Input signal types : no-voltage input, voltage input, AC/DC universal voltage input

Built-in lithium battery (operates without external power supply)

Screw terminal type (with terminal protection cover)

IP66 protection structure (IEC standard)

LE8N Series Application

In the automotive industry, the factory produces brake discs , LE8N Timers are used to control the laser marking time during brake disc manufacturing process.

LE3S Series

Thumbwheel Switch LCD Display Digital Timers

The LE3S series digital timers feature simple and easy control with thumbwheel switches in the front and up/down mode selection switch in the rear. 10 output operation modes and 10 time setting ranges are available for various timing applications. Users can quickly identify operation status with output type display and time progress bar graph.

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LE3S Series Main features

Compact, space-saving design (W48×H48×L67mm)

10 output operation modes (LE3S)

10 time setting ranges

Simple configuration with thumbwheel switches

Output type display (N.C./N.O.)

Time progress bar graph display (%)

Up/down mode selection switch

Power supply : 24-240VAC 50/60 Hz, 24-240VDC (AC/DC universal type)

LE4S Series

LCD Display Digital Timers

The LE4S series digital timers feature LCD Backlight display with compact, space-saving design. The timers also feature various output operation modes as well as configurable time setting range and one-shot output time for diverse applications. Users can configure set value and time range independently in flicker, flicker I, ON-OFF delay, and ON-OFF delay I modes.

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LE4S series Main features

LE4S series has been upgraded with new design and features.

Mounting space saving with compact design

: downsized by approx. 22% in depth compared to existing models (length of panel on the back side is 56 mm)

Available to set each value and time range separately when choosing Flicker (FK, FK I) or ON-OFF Delay (ON OFF D, ON OFF D I) output mode

Adds Flicker 1 mode (LE4SA)

Settable One-shot output time (0.01 to 99.99 sec) (existing model: fixed 0.5 sec)

Configuration time range (added 9.999 sec): settable by 0.001 sec unit

Selectable min. input time: 1 ms or 20 ms (LE4S)

Improved return time: 100 ms

Backlight ON / OFF function

Wide time range (0.01 sec to 9999 hour)

Lock setting function for saving setting data

Soft touch setting

High visibility display with backlight

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