Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Industrial Technology

Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Industrial Technology

Now there is an option available for communication, shopping, and learning on just one click. We are fully aware of the fact that how new technology in the industry is bringing the world to us on our fingertips. It is also changing the ways the products are being made. The use of Technologies and digitalization is being combined with the physical aspects of the industry which is resulting in the ability for manufacturing large amount of products. Industry 4.0 has been characterized by the use of the internet of things and Technology. There are three revolutions that have been made industry 1.0, industry 2.0, and 3.0. And now, industry 4.0 is directly linked with Artificial Intelligence and the internet of things.

Impact Of Technology On The Industry

The impact of technology on the industry is everlasting. It is the norm that has been associated with the Industry at that time is money. And the production you can make in a specific period of time is directly related to how much money you can make. With the use of new technology in industry it has now become really easy to produce more output with the same given input even with a short period of time. With the arrival of new technologies, it is resulting in analyzing the whole production system and even the way in which the products are being modeled and designed. Different digital Technologies like connectivity, Robotics, additive manufacturing, and virtual reality. They are used in a combination of creating a cyber-physical environment. The industrial process is being encapsulated with automation. The future industry is building an era of the Digital Revolution, which has the ability for the production of things more vigorously, more professionally, more rapidly, and more easily.

8 Secret Techniques To Improve Industrial Technology & How To Improve Operational Efficiency In Manufacturing

How to improve operational efficiency in manufacturing is a question that usually lingers in the minds of manufacturers.

Assimilating Humans And Machines

Assimilating humans and machines will result in you in more efficiency e in your production line. There is the use of an automated environment for manufacturing, which includes advancements towards digital simulation, cybersecurity. Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. All of these technologies are being used for improving results.

  • Education and training of employees

Training of the employee and educating them is one of the primary factors for increasing efficiency in your production line. Many types of training are very necessary, such as daily safety training for all personal using safety gear.

  • Make use of the scheduling software

You can make use of the scheduling software to keep things on their time. The downtime for maintenance costs much less than the downtime, which happens due to the broken and worn-out equipment. The maintenance can be kept perfectly with the help of scheduling software.

  • Updating your processes and Technology

You need to keep updating your processes and Technology. You need to be aware of the facts of what kind of new technology is are being invented and what kind of automation tools you can encapsulate in your factory. Industrial Automation is very robust to increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

  • Analyze your current workflow

You need to analyze your current workflow. There are three aspects related to the workflow one is people; the second one is processing; the third one is equipment. In technology you need to gather all of the available data on the above mentioned factors to analyze of workflow and then figuring out what can be done in for the sake of its improvement.

  • Keeping track of the inventory

Keeping track of inventory is also one of the main things. You can use the software in order for the track of insufficient inventory. There are software available that will help you keeping track of any shortages; they will notify of the shortfall being caused.

  • Overall equipment effectiveness

There is a technique which is called overall equipment effectiveness. It makes sure the provision of a Framework for measuring of the matrix of productivity loss for a given manufacturing process. Three Types of elements that are being tracked which is downtime, slow cycles, and Rejects.

  • Working together

Employees need to work together for regular and incremental improvements in the processes which are involved in manufacturing.

  • Integration of data from different Resources

Many types of data can be encapsulated together to extract information in order to enhance the quality of products.

Global data throws the light on Industry 4.0 in the following words,

Industry 4.0 is simply the next phase in the digital transformation of manufacturing through the use of data exchange techniques, advanced technologies, and flexible automation for increased efficiency. It principally aims at enhanced human-machine interaction to drive interconnectivity, information transparency, and autonomous decision making. Kiran Raj, Disruptive Tech Analyst at Global Data, comments: “Industry 4.0 is increasingly gaining importance in manufacturing owing to its capability in marrying operational technology with information technology to build a cyber-physical production system that can deliver higher-quality products at lower costs. “An analysis of Global Data’s Disruptor Tech Database reveals five technologies in Industry 4.0 as crucial in transforming the industrial manufacturing: big data and analytics (BDA), industrial internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, additive manufacturing (3D printing), and augmented reality (AR). Others include advanced robotics, digital twinning, simulation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain.

1st May 2020 Faiza Syed

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