Line Sensors

Line Sensors

line sensors were designed with the lineman in mind, utilizing a lay-in primary conductor groove and swing link primaryclamp. You can install our sensor without cutting the line or using primary taps all without interruption of customer service. Our shielded, non-inductive resistive divider provides linear output voltages proportional to primary voltage to ground over temperature, aging proximity effect or weather conditions. Low voltage AC outputs can be open-circuited, or shorted without damage, and the sensor is designed to keep high voltages from being impressed onto secondary leads. In addition to standard tests required on each sensor, every Piedmont Bushings and Insulators, LLC sensor is tested for partial discharge up to 125% of maximum operating voltage to insure that the insulation system our in house design specification of >2 picocoulombs of discharge at 125% of maximum operating voltage. More items… Can you submit more information?  

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20th Jan 2015

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