Autonics Controllers Temperature Controllers TC4S SERIES TC4S-24R (A1500003996)

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TC4S-24R 1(RUS)
500.00 Grams
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 This TC4S-24R product from TC4S SERIES by Autonics contemplates the competitive model of modern day engineering products. This product is considered excellent features that will be highly used in future and surpasses all of its competitors. It has suitable range of power supply & input specifications. It is designed as temperature controller integrated the high quality features that provide ease to the user.

This product is amalgamated with smart control methods and can be taken as the good choice due to its efficient accuracy and high efficiency. This particular product is approved by International Standards. This product integrated with robust materials which make it an ideal product. It has been design with high quality elements & attribute that makes this product unique.

 Some Features of this product are given as under

  • Its size is DIN W48×H48mm
  • This product has display method of 4-digit 7-segment LED
  • The control method is ON/OFF, P, PI, PD, PID control
  • The method of input specifications are Thermocouple: K(CA), J(IC), L(IC)RTD: DPt100Ω, Cu50Ω
  • Sampling cycle is 100ms
  • The control output relay (250VAC-3A) or SSR drive (12VDC ) [ON/OFF, phase, cycle]
  • The option output is Alarm 1/2
  • Power supply range is 100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz

Brand Information

Autonics is one of the giant names in dealing with sensors and controllers. Autonics is offering more than 5000 products for fulfilling the engineering needs. They are responsible for the development of thousands of automation products which are marketed worldwide. include various sensors, controllers, motion devices, measuring equipment, laser marking systems and others.

Autonics is one of the trademarks for quality and better performance when it comes to quality and better performance. There is a huge line of sensors associated with this company which includes Built-in amplifier sensors, Ultra-compact type, Compact type, Built-in power supply sensors, U-shaped sensors, Photomicro sensors, Cylindrical sensors, level sensors, Color mark sensors, Door sensors, Door-side sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors.

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

DIN W48×H48mm
Display method:
4-digit 7-segment LED
Control method:
ON/OFF control, P, PI, PD, PID control
Input specification:
Thermocouple: K(CA), J(IC), L(IC) RTD: DPt100Ω, Cu50Ω
Sampling cycle:
Control output:
Relay (250VAC~ 3A) or SSR drive (12VDC ) [ON/OFF, phase, cycle]
Option output:
Alarm 1/2
Power supply:
100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz
Display accuracy_RTD:
•At room temperature(23ºC ± 5ºC):(PV ± 0.5% or ±1ºC, select the higher one) ± 1-digit •Out of room temperature range:(PV± 0.5% or ±2ºC, select the higher one)± 1-digit
Display accuracy_Thermocouple:
At room temperature(23ºC ± 5ºC):(PV ± 0.5% or ±1ºC, select the higher one) ± 1-digit •Out of room temperature range:(PV± 0.5% or ±2ºC, select the higher one)± 1-digit
Hysteresis(adjustable sensitivity):
1 to 100℃/℉(0.1 to 50.0℃/℉) variable
Proportional band:
0.1 to 999.9℃/℉
Integral time:
0 to 9999 sec
Derivative time:
0 to 9999 sec
Control period:
0.5 to 120.0 sec
Manual reset:
0.0 to 100.0%
Environment_Ambient temperature:
-10 to 50℃, storage: -20 to 60℃
Environment_Ambient humidity:
35 to 85% RH, storage: 35 to 85% RH
Insulation type:
Double insulation or reinforced insulation(mark: , dielectric strength between the measuring input part and the power part: AC power 2kV, AC/DC Power 1kV)
Approx. 141g(approx. 94g)
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