Information About Trip Amplifiers

Trip Amplifiers

Trip amplifiers are a common part of safety systems in e.g. the maritime industry in which supervision of e.g. oil-fired steam boilers. Thus, the trip amplifiers observe the process, control the pumps and burner due to water level and steam pressure and sound the alarm at e.g. an inappropriate high or low water level. Naturally, boiler control is a safety question, and thus, the trip amplifiers must be very reliable and precise.

Typical trip amplifier applications

  • Limit alarm for detection of High and Low alarm conditions
  • With an input from a level sensor; provide pump control to maintain a level between the high and low set points (dual version with interlock function enabled).
  • With an input from a flow sensor and cycling on-off timer, control the position of a penstock or motorised valve to maintain a fixed flow rate.
  • With an input from a temperature or pressure transducer; start a process at one set point, with shut down if the high point is reached (dual trip version).
  • With an input signal from a pH monitor; provide control of a dosing pump.
  • Replacement for vane type switches.

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20th Jan 2015

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