Information About Pulse Meter

What Is a Pulse Meter?

Exercisers new to the fitness world may have questions about pulse meters or heart rate monitors. Often worn during exercise, these meters offer a wealth of health information.



  • A heart rate monitor measures heart rate via a strap wrapped snugly around the chest. Much like an EKG or electrocardiogram, the pulse meter catches the electrical activity of the heart and transmits the information to a display screen. Newer, no-strap models allow the user to touch sensors and capture the heart rate.


  • People working to improve their fitness may enjoy a pulse meter as a tracking method. Doctors often recommend them to patients just beginning fitness regimens to ensure their heart rates stay within a safe range. Researchers use pulse meters to gauge the energy use of experiment subjects during various physical activities.


  • Simple heart rate monitors, which are available at sporting goods stores, cost much less than the more complex models. Some pulse meters offer alarms, timers and a snapshot of calories burned.

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20th Jan 2015

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