InFormation About Power factor Meter

A power factor meter is a kind of electrodynamometer, which is constructed with two coils that are movable. These coils are set at 90 degrees to one another. The fact that utility firms supply the consumers with volt-amperes but they take the bill for watts, make the power factor very important. If any customer have power factor lower than certain limit then they charge extra costs. Power factor has become very common when it comes to consumer electronics. One can measure the power factor with the help of a power factor meter. The application of a power factor meter is numerous like start up analysis of a motor or even detection of hot spots. This kind of meter calculate power factor by applying a certain method. The power given in watts is divided by the result arrived after multiplying current and measured voltage. One can use a moving coil to make a power factor meter. This kind of meter comprises of two perpendicular coils that are positioned on the moving segment of the gadget. The flow of circuit current is used to energize the field on this instrument. Nowadays, digital power factor meter is gaining widespread popularity instead of the conventional power factor meter. Another type of power factor meter is the electronic one. This kind of meter is made with a design that is based on ADC (analog to digital converter). These also provide ratiometric facilities. In this kind of power factor meter a signal relative to the max out voltage is used as a reference input voltage. On the flip side, a signal relative to product of power factor and max out voltage is used to apply to analog input. The result that is given by such kind of meter is the reading of power factor. Power factor meters come in a wide variety. There is an extensive range of power factor meters available in the market. With most of the consumer electronics using power factor a power factor meter has also become very important in the recent times. It is important to measure the power quality to make sure whether a system supports its loads in a reliable way. This kind of meter also helps to identify some kind of power disturbances. This kind of disturbance may include frequency, voltage or even current. Most of the consumer power mechanisms can face power disturbances. This also helps in saving energy cost as electric utilities can charge penalties if the power factor is low or even on high demands. This is why monitoring equipments is very important. A power factor meter can also save your energy costs. These days the issue of power quality is getting very important. This makes monitoring significant and for proper monitoring the best way out is to use a power a factor meter. Poor power factor can lead to bodily damage of an instrument and will lead to delay in production. Therefore, power monitoring is very crucial. A power factor meter is designed in such a way, that it gives precise readings and helps you to prevent any loss of power quality. This kind of meter is used commonly for industrial use and for consumer electronics. Based on the use, one should choose a power factor meter accordingly. Make sure that the meter is designed according to the prescribed standards. More items… Can you submit more information?

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20th Jan 2015

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